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Babucha - Panamanian Pollera Shoes

Babucha - Panamanian Pollera Shoes

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Special shoes for the Panamanian Pollera! In Panama, pollera shoes are called “babuchas”.

Handmade in Panama out of leather and satin fabric, these colorful shoes are adorned with a cute bow, as traditionally done in Panama.

These satin shoes are worn with polleras such as pollera de lujo, pollera blanca, pollera de coquito, and more!
Usually these polleras are adorned with pompoms or bows (enjaretado), and the shoes should match the pompom/bows of the pollera dress.

The black shoes are made out of leather and suede-like fabric. They do not have bows like their satin counterparts.

Black pollera shoes are worn with polleras like pollera montuno (all varieties), basquiña, and more!


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